Tuesday, January 11, 2011


i have a perpetual runny nose but when my throat starts hurting and i start coughing all over customers(okay i wish i was but i don't REALLY do that i promise) i know it's time to STOCK MY BODY FULL of H2O!

you have to (as my pal mason just said )"crack that whip" on yr immune system! i don't really "BELIEVE" in all that phony bologna medicines or herbs but sometimes i'll pop up a few ibuprofen when that aunt flow headache won't go away or Mother Earth has decided to reign terror on me and produce a million years worth of pollen at once. but you know what? Mother Earth produces water so i'm fighting fire with fire,no? WHATEVER. stock up dudes and dudettes! water will get you through!
Or you could just eat sno cones


  1. oh jeezus i missed you. i think the best blogs are those with bloggers who are inherently themselves. fuck that fake-craft-blog persona bullshit. it feels fake and over worked and in authentic. that's because most of them exist to sell something or make money so they can blog full time.

    that being said i want to know about your job. what do you actually do? and i want to know more about what winter like is where you are. and what you're planning on doing with your apartment. or if you could adopt a zoo animal what kind? that kind of stuff.

    and, LOVE the pizza at the top......i'm emailing you something special. XO

  2. i emailed it to the fluffycatpuffy email......