Wednesday, January 12, 2011

soo diandra(who has a super cool funky blog about everything who made me that gnarly header i have now!) asked me these questionsssssss
What do i actually do at my JOB?
what is WINTER like where i live?
what i'm planning on doing with my APARTMENT?
what kind of ZOO ANIMAL would i want?

i said that i was going to wait until after work but josh is running later than usual but today is pay day so im playing it cool

my JOB!

i basically live on Register 3. which is the register that 10 o'clock shifters use since 6am shifters use register 2, 9am shift uses register 4, etc etc. I scan groceries and most of the time bag them too. it's a job and i've met a lot of interesting people by doing it and I've learned a lot about society as a whole as well. which kind of sucks but whatever,right? I had to find out SOMEHOW.
but that's what I do. I work at a local grocery store and know the numbers by heart to bananas, sweet potatoes, russett potatoes, green bell peppers, etc etc.

oofta. you have to understand that i lived in minnesota for 3 years(and despite living in texas for 15 years, developed more of a midwest accent than a southern accent)so winters anywhere aren't going to be THAT bad to me really. but,the past couple of weeks we've had it pretty rough. lows in the teens, highs in the 40s ,you get my drift.
any way, no matter what, if i'm outside or going outside i'm looking like this:
but most of the time im just like this:
if yr ever super wondering you can find my towns weather at this linkaroonie. last week it was supposed to snow so everyone was freaking out and we ran out of the most bizarro things like BANANAS and POTATOES. oh yes we're going to freeze so we might as well get some POTATOES.
now,it did snow a TINY bit early in the morning a few days before christmas though
but that's all we've gotten besides freezing rain and stuff.

annnnd my apartment? I don't really have any super true plans for it just yet. I just want it to be this super cozy cool place and so far so good. i just keep buying really off the wall novelty stuff that i really super enjoy and it's coming along pretty well. I'd like to get different couches though. these were donated to us by a local charity when we first moved in so we took what we could get and they're really comfy so theyve worked out well. now that i'm pretty content with the living room im going to start working on our bedroom. it only has some scrapbooking paper behind our mattress and some christmas lights going around it so i think it could use some work!

josh is running late to pick me up so i'll go ahead and answer the zoo animal question too.
josh and i took my cousin's daughter to the local zoo last year and the tiger looked so sad. it started roaring when we turned to walk away as if it was saying "please come look at me again" or something like that. so i think i'd want a tiger. specifically THAT tiger because he seemed so gentle and nice!

and i just thought this picture was cute.

now i've gotta take my baby tiger out to poop and go to work.


  1. yip! thanks!

    um, and that tiger is covered with piglettes wrapped in tiger outfits! hahahahah. LLVOE!

  2. aw man in my rush i hot linked it (SORRY!) planning to come home and re-do it with my own link but i guess it didnt want to cooperate and now i cant find it again. BUMMER

    but it was a cute picture!