Thursday, January 13, 2011

crafty wafties

o.k so ive been having fun with ACRYLIC PAINTS. mainly yellow because yellow rules

SHOES! these used to be plain white icky gross flats and i painted them yellow and then i did this weird pink thing? with puffy blue dots? yeah.

then i got these heart lockets and painted this one yellow. the other one isn't done i don't think. i painted it pink but i think im going to do it a different color.

i put this one on a purple ball chain that i bought off of etsy

and THEN THIS that i just made and im so so proud of
hama bead bone hair clip!

my hama bead square is small and i only like working on the pad itself had to be smaller but its the puuuuurfect size thank you very much


1 comment:

  1. Such lovely shoes. You did a really great job on those!