Thursday, January 13, 2011

666 etsy stuff

pretty etsy stuffs....(click on the picture to go to the listinggg)

im finally working with my hama beads that i bought after christmas on a super sale and i wanna try that bone for a hair clip i think??
tonight i went to huddle house by myself after i ran to the store when josh got home. my favorite waitress(but she probably doesn't know this) was working but i decided to sit in a different section,in the corner. any way my total came to 6.66$ and i laughed really hard when i got it and then continued crocheting.
i went up to pay and my favorite checked me out and she started laughing and mentioned slc punk where they go to the beer store way out of slc and he has it tattooed on his butt. it's a number!

I was just way happy that she found humor in it just as much as I did!

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