Friday, January 14, 2011

i have a super crush on SOCK DREAMS! ive ordered 2 pairs of socks from them before and i looove them! even though one pair is missing. i blame the cat. or the couch.
any way,tonight i purchased this pair

(not my picture. yanked from the sock dreams website)
in this color and i am super stoked to get them. i bought a pair of thermal leggings this evening and some tank tops to layer under shirts that are too short for me(hello all the time!)
we also got the DARK CRYSTAL and the LABYRINTH for 10$ together. ive only seen the dark crystal once but the labyrinth ive seen a bajillion times. Yippie!
We bought Lulu a warmer blanket to put on her couch and she seems to be enjoying it so far. josh also treated himself to a new blanket since our bedroom is very drafty and it's been mad cold here recently and our little heaters just aren't doing the trick right now!

now i'm going to go chomp on a milky way

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