Friday, November 26, 2010


I got my Bad Idea Sleepover stuff in the mail today. I'm pretty stoked on the pins

check her Etsy out:
and then she sent 2 more as freebies as well as a zine that was a real fun read.
I got this one:

I worked the entire holiday week and I thought I was really going to keel over. I got 2 extra hours for the week though so that was pretty cool I suppose! :)
Yesterday I worked 6-2 and it can be summed up as such:
the face of open to close insanity

I came home after work, made dinner:
and then took a nap.
Josh ran up to the office while Lulu and I were napping because he had some things to get to go out of town this evening with the football team for the championship game or something.
Last night, I did this
Today I went shopping and bought some more tinsel,lights and some other little knick knack Christmasy things. I also got some corduroy pants that I'm pretty fond of
and made grilled cheese and leftover ham sandwiches for us for lunch

I'm real happy that I'm getting back into zines. I'm sporting some red polka dot pajamas and Josh's Rev. Pat Robertson feminist quote t-shirt this evening. I scored the Sopranos season 1 for 12$ today as well as The Iron Giant for 1.96$. Josh and I watched 2 episodes of the Sopranos before I dropped him off so maybe I'll watch The Iron Giant and eat my bowl of macaroni and cheese!


  1. OMG i have a tshirt i made in university the first time around with the pat rob quote! i love that tshirt!!!

    um, also, nice new blog header. it's cute.

  2. hey Diandra!
    i really love it too! I came home from work today and slapped it back on because it's just way too comfy! and it's dark green so you can't really tell if i spill something on it :3

    thanks! I think I got it off of Google Images. i was lazy/bored so i switched the blog colors up a tad!

    have fun at stitch n bitch! I gathered a group of gals where I used to live in in Minnesota and we did it for awhile but then i had to move :(

    <3 XO