Thursday, November 25, 2010


- My Lulu dog and Olive Oyl kitkat. But boy howdy is animal food getting expensive!

- My gnarly boyfriend who could make money off of being a 1 man snoring orchestra

- My uhhhmaaaaazing brothers & dad. The past 3 years I don't know what I would have done without them

- Being ABLE/having a job that I have to wake up at 5:30Am on Thanksgiving morning to go to. Not a lot of people have one of these things now a days and it's few and far between that you find something so minimal that's so rewarding. I'm seeing kids grow and adults change their opinions about people who are "weird" or "different". I hate the holiday rush though, so stay home today okay guys?

- The few family members that stay in constant contact with me that aren't my brothers or my dad.

- My pink boots. We've gone quite far together.

- Having SIGHT. I don't know what I would do without being able to see all the pretty colors of the world.

- Glittery eyeliner. Am I the only one who is thankful for this? Everyone should be.

- My mom. She was Heaven on Earth and everyone knew it. That look in her eye when I did something wrong, or the look she gave me when I came home with my septum pierced and said "It looks....cute" This is our 3rd Thanksgiving without her(2nd Thanksgiving I've had without my dad or brothers. Hope you guys have a fun time at JoDee' I'm alive and well and I didn't think I would be.

- Having arms to bake cinnamon rolls for my co-workers that have to be up at the asscrack of dawn today. (Yes, they're baked and ready to go! Waiting for me to slide my boots on, put my sack on my back, grab them and go go go!)

- My roof. It keeps our house warm and us dry when it rains.

- Being able to splurge every now and again.

Bills come first of course, but I like being able to buy a little something extra for Josh and I, or just for Josh, or just for me.

- Chinese buffets. 'Nuff said.

- Clocks. I'd be late everywhere with out them. Though if we didn't have them then there would be no such thing as early or late, right? OR even being on time!

- My friends. I don't have many, in fact I can count them on 2 hands(the ones that stay in contact, not the ones that comment here and there or message me when they have certain questions) I enjoy yr brains thoroughly and wouldn't have it any other way!

- Beer soap.

- Knowing how to cook / bake without burning ,though it doesn't happen like that ALL the time

- Birthdays

- cupcakes

- Crocheting

and some other stuff but I think I've done a pretty good list for it being 5;37Am!

I hope you dudes & dudettes have a SUPER badical Thanksgiving and STUFF yrselves on tofurkey, turkey, ham(as in our case!) or whatever the hell else you want to stuff yrself with!

High fives forever!



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