Sunday, October 10, 2010

Splendid Sunday Pretties

I'm on the Internet browsing different places,people and things all the time. It's not super rare for me to find something that ecstatically inspires me, so these are this weeks(and beyond) splendid pretties!

(click on the picture to be directed to the respective Flickrs!)


Younger E loves all things pink and sweet.

neon pink
(Note: I recently ordered a super gnarly crocheted vest from this gal. She is so sweet! Check out her Flickr and her Etsy. she's very talented superstar! <3)


341/365 Year Two
(I admire this girl so much! She's very inspiring and fashionable!)

Lunch Date with Drew

Now I am off to sit on the couch, watch some Arrested Development, read my magazines, finish cutting out coupons and then make dinner for us! I'm thinking breakfast for dinner..biscuits and gravy...maybe some scrambled eggs? Xo!

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