Saturday, October 9, 2010


Happy (still) Saturday!
I woke up early, went to work without any hot chocolate, had a pretty decent day at work with no excessively rude customers. That's always a good thing.

When I got off of work, Josh wanted to take a tiny trip to Richland to go to Mai Tai. Boy, it was delish! Before I go any further, I NEED to show you what I came home to! Josh came to pick me up as usual, and acted like he hadn't done much of anything, just said he enjoyed actually not having to do anything for once. But, when we came home, THIS was in the middle of the living room waiting for me!! It's a vintage chair that I was absolutely gaga over at the D'Lo Antique Store a few weeks ago when we went to Harrisville. I didn't really have the monies to spend on it that day, but now it's mine and it looks so great in front of(behind? whatever!) my sewing machine!!

I was so so excited!
Then I baked some cupcakes and took them up to the store because a co-worker was super bummed he had to stay an extra x amount of hours. I work again tomorrow, all the way until Wednesday when it will be pay day and my first day off since this past Tuesday! Which means laundry!

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