Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today, Jean came to pick me up and we went to Martha's to play with some of our rescue's puppies. We left covered in puppy kisses, puppy poop, drenched in sweat and dirt. It was a real good time!
Afterward we went to Jean's home and hung out with her 4 legged pals, including a PUG!

pears, figs and elderberries

I had never played with a pug before but Bella was so so nice and sweet mannered! We picked pears, figs and elderberry too! Ate pretzels, sweet mints and drank some nice ice cold water. She dropped me off at home and I slept until 8Pm. Josh found a stray cat outside and he's currently in the bathroom on a trial run. He's so loving and nice, I don't know why anyone would just throw him away! We don't know yet if we're going to keep him or not so we'll see!

I started using baking soda & acv for shampoo/conditioner. It's proving to be a real lover to my head!

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