Sunday, March 13, 2011

Woo doggie!
The past few days have been outrageousssssssss! yep with THAT many s's. thursday and friday I worked 12 hours total between both jobs. Friday was also the first day that they put me on a register by myself. and yesterday was a 9 hour shift and i took a leisurely 1 hour lunch break and drove to the Chinese stuffmyfaceplace and ate lunch. Thursday i came home and I DON'T REMEMBER FALLING ASLEEP. I remember laying down around 11Pm after I got home,but I didn't eat dinner or anything and before I knew it my 8Am alarm was ringing! AhHHHHHH!
i just looked at my schedule and I only work 4 hours tonight. so thats cooooool,I guess. Tuesday needs to come sooner because I am so ready to just sit on the couch and HANG OUT. tomorrow i don't work until the evening but STILL. I'm ready.

Here's some awesome stuff for yr eyeballs to feast on..if they're hungry

I've been jonesing for a new tattoo. maybe a tomato


I adore Rachel so much, it's outrageous! i don't think they know this though

rollerskating on candy
Michelle Chrzanowski is forever a genius.

ALSO i cannot express enough how much I enjoy having a job where I do not have to wear a navy blue smock/cobbler's apron thinger. urrrrg

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  1. AH! I showed Michelle that you blogged her. She's a friend of mine from home. She was excited.