Saturday, March 5, 2011


new things i've tried this year so far:
early june peas
yellow squash
planting my own veggies
reading in front of a lot of people
getting a new job(!!!)
rocky horror picture show
tax returns
blogging publicly
selling on etsy(sent off an order to RUSSIA today!)
iron supplements
not eating out as much
veggie bbq ribs(mmmmmm!)
organizing different events(so far i have in my head/on paper: community pot luck, city-wide book swap, kids arts n crafts in the park..etc etc)
paying bills on time
popcorn stitch crocheting
buying zines again

all in all it's been a really good year so far. even though we're only in the 3rd month of it, i know this will be a better year than last. ANY year will be better than last year.

link a doodles for you poodles
vegan mac n cheese recipe(thanks rachel!!), home sweet home a new blog by diandra of Oh Sweetie and her pal, THE FUTURE CAT - a totally JAWSUM flickr account chock full of yum yum goodies,


tooth tee


ted bundy is a one night stand

A slightly incomplete A to Z..

crochet hooks

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