Friday, March 4, 2011

I really should update this thing more, but I hardly ever really want to. It WAS one of my new years resolutions to update consistently but I don't know. Oh well.
Any way, onto some pictures because those are always fun.
things that happened this week:
i planted my first tomato plant(park's whoppers), we had portobello mushroom "burgers", i used my food processor a lot, i started taking iron pills, slept regularly sort of, and taught myself how to do a popcorn stitch. Convenient since it's nearly summer time and i have no use for crocheting.

park's whopper

this also happened:
(I copied and pasted this from my Tumblr, because i am a lazy goof)
first things first: i HATE IT when people accuse me of something they have no direct evidence to.

seconds things second: i LOVE IT when i am completely right about something.

what happened: A woman(who is a VP of a bank here, mind you)came through my line this evening. Her total came to 10.65$, she was talking to the woman behind her. She handed me a 10$ bill and began counting out 65 cents. I waited, then said “Woo! Perfect change!” and tilled it out, gave her her receipt. 10 minutes later, she comes in with her receipt and says “I gave you 20.65$, and you didn’t give me my 10$ back.” “No ma’am, you gave me exact change.” “Let me speak to yr manager. I’m in here ALL the time” I point to who she can talk to and she goes over there. Said manager tells me to pull my till so that we can count it up. Manager and I go into the money office, count it down. So we do, while the woman is standing there telling another manager “I know I gave her 20.65$, I only had 20$ bills in my wallet.”(Mind you, she had opened her wallet up to the exact spot that she got the money out of the first time, and there was only a 10$ bill in there.) and going on and on and on about it. Finally, we finished counting it down and I am 0.03$ short. Manager goes out there and explains to her how we counted it down and that I was 0.03$ short, so she had to have given me a 10$ bill or else I would have been 10$ OVER. She huffs and puffs and still swears up and down that she didn’t give me exact change. I, however, am huffing and puffing my chest out because I KNOW when I am not right and I KNOW when I am. Night manager counted my till an hour ago and I came up 100%. No money short, no money over.

Then I came home, started a bath, poured some Epsom salt in it and read some of my Deadly book while Josh cooked us up some dinner that I am now going to go enjoy.

Such is bliss.


  1. oh my god, when i worked at starbucks this happened to me. we had a lineup out the door and this guy thought he gave me an extra $5 or something stupid and so we counted the till and i was $3 under. HAHAHAH. fucker.

  2. It REALLY made me mad, because after the till was counted, it seemed like she was trying to blame me for STEALING money. Maybe if she hadn't been preoccupied shoving her phone in a little boy's ear, trying to get him to say something to the person on the other end(apparently the mother of this boy and her knew each other, though the mother looked kind of awkward when she did the phone thing)she would have realized that she indeed, did give me a 10$ bill.
    SO ridiculous.