Saturday, January 15, 2011

i hate feeling jealous of people but it's life right? this moment i am jealous of people who have healed tattoos! this peeling business is down right grody! it's not the coooool kind of peeling that happens when you get a gnarly sunburn and the sun is peeling off of yr skin,this is gross and you can't pick at it like you can a sunburn either! BUMMER
tonight for a change of scenery we went to richland which is the same distance as magee where we normally go except richland has a DOLLAR TREE. holy guacamole! Let me tell you, I could EASILY spend 100$ in that place! but we left with just a few items! I even grabbed some goodies for a co-workers baby shower that's next weekend. ive never been to one so im kind of dumb about it but josh helped me out some.
we DID walk away with this:
eat my short stories
josh noticed it. i wanted it for the poster that it has inside. maybe we'll stick the valentines on a door or something. WHO KNOWS!

i listed some new stuff on etsy
including these different colored perler bead bones that someone has already HEARTED. which is a new thing because i still haven't made one damn sale. I'M OPTIMISTIC THOUGH
it's a "secret admirer" GO FIGURE

why hello
I obviously do not know how to use this fancy camera.this is perfect proof.

my Liberty of London for Target bowl with my perler beads in it!

thermals are seriously sent from the comfiest place in the world. i love them. i wore them all day. i put a skirt on and wore them out. i slept in them last night,will sleep in them tonight(holy moly it's already midnight!)and will probably wear them until they get another hole in them. Yes, i just got them last night and they already have a hole in them because I am a clumsy clumsy girl.



  1. To take some mystery away, I'm the "Secret Admirer" of your Unicorn ring & shop. I like your stuff it's really cute.I added your shop to my "Circle", but I'm not totally sure I know what that means. I'm at


  2. well i'll be darned! how fun!
    I added you to mine too but like you I'm pretty unsure what it means,haha. i also foudn the "activity feed" on etsy which shows me who else has "hearted" items and my shop! totally gnarly!