Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not Around

Lately I just haven't wanted/had the energy/had anything to blog about. I've just been working and sitting on my butt.
I did however, take in a pair of jeans that I've been wanting to for awhile now, just so I can do this:

I’m not sure why I haven’t felt like blogging, maybe just nothing blog worthy has gone on.
Tonight we watched “You’re Gonna Miss Me” ,a documentary on Roky Erickson(of 13th Floor Elevators fame). It was pretty interesting, but it left me feeling pretty sad about the state that some people are in and the underrated medical care for psychiatric problems. Not all medicine is bad, but I guess that’s super subjective.

Here’s a back log of what HAS happened:
I chopped my bangs off. I do this from time to time for various reasons..this time, they were annoying the pea puddin’ outta me so I had to just do it.

I also found out that I can fully braid my hair into pigtails. This is a big accomplishment on my part since my hair, dating back to the 3rd grade, has not been long enough to braid into anything.

I also updated my Etsy shop with some new crap last night.

I sold 2 beanies to some dudes on my Facebook so that was pretty neat. It was odd that they both wanted dark brown beanies.
This happened:

Because of this:

Josh came home a few days ago while I was at work ,to eat lunch and Lulu had apparently tore up her pillow and it looked like she was floating on a cloud. He said she looked so upset that she had done it, so of course she didn’t get into trouble because the picture is just too damn cute.
That’s all I really feel like telling about. Some stupid(really stupid)personal stuff happened but the Internet isn’t the place to talk about things like that,whether or not it happened on the Internet. This Thursday I have my work party and Josh has his office party. I also work 10-5, my party starting at 10:30 and his at noon. I need to figure out 2 dishes to make for each party and some how figure out how to know be totally bummed about not being able to make it to his office party. That’s okay!

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