Monday, October 18, 2010


I am officially addicted to stenciling. I found an awesome stencil on with a skull & a pair of scissors as the cross bones. I thought it would be kind of troublesome since I am new with an xacto knife and don't really have good hand coordination when it comes to sharp objects. The round parts came out pretty good so I was thoroughly happy with the outcome all together! I suggest all of you run out to the store and get some freezer paper and all the other supplies and then YouTube search for "freezer paper stencil tutorial" and watch the Craftster one!
stenciling space




  1. Wee! This is yoslowbro from LJ, I decided to follow you on here as well :)!
    I used to be so into stenciling when I was in high school, but my method back then was really terrible and messy (spray paint with regular printer paper). I really appreciated the video tutorial and I'm super stoked to go out and get stencil supplies!

  2. great!
    My hands are too shaky and I'm way too inpatient for stencils!

  3. Mary Lou - I've heard of a lot of different methods but was a little too scared to try them so this one definitely works out a LOT better!! Have fun!

    Stina - Oh I'm way impatient too but for some reason it seems almost therapeutic to just turn a record on, lay on the floor and stencil away!