Sunday, July 15, 2012

ignition 2012

so this weekend i went to a conference called Ignition 2012. it was a faith based conference and lotsa things happened to me. ive always felt that faith should play a pretty large role in yr life (my life) and if i didnt have faith in something that i wouldnt be deemed worthy for a lotta things. this weekend kinda transformed me into someone that ive always wanted to be and now i can feel it happenin! it was held in a free thinking church. they have praise flags and you can dance and do whatever you want. so many pretty flags were available. i just got barefoot every day and took notes. i am new to this so i am trying to take it slow to make sure that it is My Path and its how i am supposed to go

oh ontop of the fabrics that my best friends mom gave me the other day, she gave me MORE today! what luck!

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