Saturday, April 28, 2012

babies, planting, busy,

today i had a surprise guest - a baby! my neighbor, Joey, had to dash out for a bit so he left his son (who last night i nicknamed , Baby Godzilla) until his girlfriend, Kristin, got home from work (who is also turning into a really good friend!)

we watered my plants, cleaned the stove top, he had a bottle and i ate some banana, watched Yo Gabba Gabba, played on the floor and pet Olive.

last night i took spaghetti up there to eat with Kristin since Joey and Josh both worked in the evening this weekend. we had a good time. Noah (Baby Godzilla) is a little booger and keeps people in fits of laughter forever.

tomorrow we are having some of Josh's work pals over for portabello mushroom burgers, sweet potato fries and some other junk. i finally got more mint tea bags. i have been drinking this caramel orange tea that my friend gave me and while it is completely intoxicating, i missed mint tea so bad.

yesterday we went to The Tomato Place for lunch. it was really great. then i planted some basil and carrots.

the tomato place

carrots and basil

tie dye

and tie dyed some.

this week is going to be very busy for me. i have 3 loaves of bread ordered to be made by tuesday, rehearsal on monday,tuesday and thursday, a friends birthday party on wednesday, and i think the weekend will bring some much needed rest!


  1. things are getting really colorful around these parts! loveeeee.