Saturday, March 10, 2012

i n s p i r a t i o n

this weekend is josh's first weekend working at night. he works friday afternoon into the evening and then saturday afteroon into the evening, getting sunday and monday off instead of saturday and sunday. each reporter does it for 2 wknds in a row every other weekend or something like that. any way, what that means is huge BumTown for me. we're nickle and diming it until tuesday so that means no ginger peach tea from the coffee shop and no reefer madness musical until next week. which is fine, but it leaves me a lot of time to myself and the house. i get up between 7 and 7:30 each morning, and on the weekends he has to work fridays and saturdays, he gets up around noon and leaves for work around 2, getting home at 10ish. so what do i do in between those hours? yesterday was really my first time doing it so i baked brownies, made dinner, did the dishes, swept, took a bath blah blah blah. but what i REALLY needed was some inspiration! so, i hopped on my good trusty friend The Internet and heeved ho to flickr, where boundless inspiration can come from.

there's an elephant on my clothesline

Happy new year! 2011

Mirabelle la gata negra (Ft. Ras)

gato sanía

Lady Isabelle

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