Monday, March 19, 2012

hi, to whoever may read this. i've been reading the Weetzie Bat series and am enjoying it a lot. right now i am on Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys. i bought it online a few weeks ago. i got the other ones from the library.

mail from canada!
i started on my zine today. it's a text heavy account of grieving over my mom's death. i also ordered a ukulele and received my moccasins in the post today. as well as s'more mail from Dominique, in Canada. she has a rad Etsy shop that you should check out. the raggedy ann fabric is a sheet i purchased at the thrift store this past weekend. i got some others, too.

yip yip

dyed my white shoes orange
i bought white ked-like shoes a few weeks ago and dyed them tangerine

vintage linens

i'm making pillows, a dress and a skirt out of these. i made 2 pillows last night but am running low on stuffing so i had to call it quits. i'm also toying with the idea of turning a bunch of scrap fabric into a real simple blanket.

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