Tuesday, February 7, 2012

we moved to vicksburg

we moved to vicksburg the last weekend of january. so far it's been the best move i've / we've ever made. we are both in love with the city, the history and our apartment. we live smack dab in the middle of historic downtown, just mere blocks from the river and a cornucopia of other places to visit. josh is loving his job at the vicksburg post. the only part that we aren't too rad with is that we had to find a new home for Lulu, Linus and Oscar. we gave Smokey back to his original mama and Olive Oyl is with us. finding Lulu a new home was our decision but with the other 3, it was not ours. but everyone seems to be adjusting to their new lives pretty finely.

these were taken the day we moved in. we still have most things in boxes because i have been a bit blue as of late but i am hoping that will change soon.

my kitchen

the day we moved in

bathroom window

bath tub

bathroom sink

we didn't have a shower in our last apartment - just a bath tub so i have been spoiling myself with many showers and not having to wash my hair in the sink, not having to kill a roach or two a day and real hardwood floors, not just the remnants of what carpet was supposed to cover. oh, this place is amazing.

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