Monday, February 27, 2012

walka walka

i walked to the cofffee shop today and got a ginger peach tea with an everything bagel and cream cheese. when i left the barista said “bye summer!” which made me feel pretty good because someone knows me here now.
when you leave the coffee shop yr in this room before you go out tthe door to get back outside, where you can either go up the stairs to the attic gallery or leave and go outside. in this room are a bunch of flyers and copies of the Jackson Free Press and Gambit and stuff like that. any way , in this old magazine rack, are a bunch of comics that are free for the taking. so i grabbed one today and im going to read it tonight i think. i also think that when i get my zine up and off finally im going to leave some copies in there
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tonight i'm going to finish the skirt i am making with a technicolor cat painted on a pocket. and then the velvet skirt that i shortened. we ate taco salad for dinner. tomorrow josh gets paid and i am hoping that we will have the money to finally get the brakes fixed because i havent rode in the car for a week since they started getting worse.

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