Saturday, January 21, 2012

i really like the word "gadgetry"

today i bought 5 cards that have sweet sayings in them from heart felt family members for 1.00$ to cut up and use in a zine. i also bought a sash and a floral scarf/hanky thing. i alsoalso signed up for and am now on my way to work in a minute?

i cut my bangs the other night. our sink was clogged again. we're moving out in 1 week.

sink is clogged again

i forgot that I had taken pictures of my glitterface from new years eve at work and had not uploaded pictures since before then because we got the vintage(??) chair before that.

new years eve
chair from the antique store

and heres a loaf of honey wheat bread i made
honey wheat
josh's mom and dad got me a bread maker for xmas so ive been having fun. except not now because it is packed away with all my other kitchen gadgetry.

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