Monday, May 2, 2011


I really should be asleep right now because the rescue goes in front of the Board of Supervisors in the morning to ask for land/a building. I'm really nervous for various reasons. But, I think it'll be okay all around. Then I have an 8 hour shift in the evening that i'm kind of not looking forward to because I've started to not like my job.

Yesterday we woke up really early to go to The Big Fix Clinic to drop Olive Oyl off to get spayed.
After that, Josh came home and slept some while I took the car and went out. I went to a rummage sale that was fundraising for A.C.S, then went to the cemetery and fixed flowers on the headstones and then just drove around, more or less curb crawling. It was an enjoyable time. Then I went to work and it was awful. I was SO happy to punch out. I really don't like that I'm starting to dislike my job. It bothers me. Maybe something will happen and I'll start liking it again. 2 of my co-workers that I get along with pretty well moved down the road. I'm excited for that!
I bought a strawberry plant on Friday night and took advantage of the gorgeous weather yesterday afternoon before work, to plant it.


some juice to getcha goin'

on our way to the spay and neuter clinic

the things i worked with today

all my plants



We keep her in the crate except for certain times during the day when we can monitor her while she eats, drinks, goes to the bathroom and gets some exercise so that she doesn't jump in a window and Lulu doesn't bother her

As most of America is shouting out in rejoice, Osama bin Laden is dead and apparently we have his body. Some people are confused. Some are scared, and some are feeling compassion for him despite him having killed thousands upon thousands and thousands of people, directly and nondirectly. I'm in the "confused and scared" part. While I am kind of happy that his terror is over with, the other part of me wonders how 1 man could cause so much racism in communities, death, debt and war. I guess that sort of makes me sick for the most part.

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