Thursday, January 20, 2011

the first thing i do when i come home from work is take lulu out. then i get into my pajama pants and josh's comfiest sweatshirt. then i sit on the couch for a bit. crocheting or just watching tv,depends on how i feel. then i'll cook dinner or something.
I was pretty excited for my hair today. i got up late so i had to quickly take a bath and then i couldn't find my bra so i have to wear a pretty uncomfy push up bra that my ladies aren't used to. I found it when i got was under a notebook that i had been writing in last night..way to go Summer..

hello little guy

sock dreams slouchy socks
my sock dreams socks came in the other day! Boss man set up a new way for cashiers to bag and bolted down the mobile bag thing so i'm extra tired today having to get used to the new bagging system. It wears me out pretty easily because the thing is so low and directly below the scanner so you have to stand in front of the scanner and grab the grocery,scan,bag and then put it in the shoppers cart. I'll get used to it though!
im pretty unsure how this happened but im pretty super bummed about it.

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