Saturday, October 23, 2010

Splendid Sunday Pretties

We have church in the morning and I work in the afternoon into the evening, so I figured I would do a very early(2am)edition of Splendid Sunday Pretties!

fall collar no. 1 - petals

'sweet tooth' and 'wisdom tooth' in black

the attack of the living dead soyas

nuevas luncheras mágicas

This is probably my favorite Halloween decor I've seen thus far this season!

Mel Stringer rules so hard. This picture made me go to and search for Magic Gardens,making me want one so bad!

This week is GOING TO BE GREAT! I have every intention of bringing my lunch every day to work! I work all the way to Wednesday. Well, I have Wednesday off. I switched with a co-worker pal so he could have Sunday off and I got Wednesday off. This weekend was pretty quiet around 547 Main Street S. Next weekend will be fun fun fun, though! Lots of surprises and good times!

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